Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Marty Roe Pine Bluff, Arkansas, United States

Posted: 2016-03-07

 Chapter 2,


From The Book

Think And Grow Rich,


What does Desire feel like?  Have I ever had a Desire in my life?


As a kid growing up one of the first things I had to learn how to do was ride a bicycle!  My thoughts were you can’t put it off any longer, this weekend it’s going to happen!  We had a big front yard with plenty of soft grass, using my older sisters bicycle my FIRST DREAM AND GOAL was to go as far as I could in a straight line with out falling. After what seem like a while I was not getting anywhere, it did not hurt to fall and hit the ground, I could always get back up.  It was a slow go, for a while it didn’t seem like I was getting anywhere, my automatic self talk, went something like this, you have to learn how to ride this bicycle most of your friends know how to ride, you don’t want to get left behind.  After some time I started to go a little bit farther with out falling, a little bit farther, a little bit farther.


Oboy I got it! I can go straight with out falling,

The next DREAM AND GOAL, turn right, and left, with out falling.  Here we go again! Once again it seemed like I was not getting anywhere, right left, right left, over and over again it was slow going, how ever after sometime I started going little

Farther, a little bit farther, a little bit farther, and then it happen! I could go straight, I could turn right or left with out falling! SUCCESS!!!!


Did I have a dream, and a goal= YES


Did I have a hot burning desire= YES


Was I all in= YES


Did I have a WHY= YES


Was I failing forward= YES,


We may not become the person we were ment to be as fast as learning how to ride a bicycle, however if we will plug all the way into the Mentoring For Free System, our little bit betters

Will start adding up, and adding up, and adding up, until It’s a

Done deal!



Ps  after writing this  I realize I am getting a little bit better.

Thanks to Infinite Intelligence, Michael and Linda Dlouhy

For the Mentoring For Free system!