Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Bob Shoaf Sunny Alamogordo, NM, USA

Posted: 2016-03-07

Hill says, ”Anything we can conceive, we can achieve.” I say the same thing a bit differently, “If you are COACHABLE, I can GUARANTEE your success.”

Being COACHABLE means developing a BURNING DESIRE, a WHY that brings us to
tears. Chapter 2 of STS.

Being COACHABLE means gaining SPECIALIZED KNOWLEDGE as to what it takes to find
the most likely way to accomplish that BURNING DESIRE. Step 2 of the 4 Steps.

Being COACHABLE means fully implementing the BLUEPRINT FOR SUCCESS after
receiving it on the coaching call. Step 3 of the 4 Steps.

Being COACHABLE means studying people and spread your spider web NOW! Step 4 of
the 4 Steps.

Being COACHABLE means posting lessons consistently every week here in T&GR

Being COACHABLE means doing the things Barnes did to achieve his success, no
matter how long it takes. As Michael says, "Be here a year from now."

Being COACHABLE means one DOES NOT have to know everything before beginning.

Being COACHABLE means we will do the Step 6 Hill has given us in this chapter,
twice daily.

Successful people, after getting accurate, truthful information, make decisions
quickly and rarely ever change them. Barnes did this. Hill also gives many of
examples of successful people who practiced this.

Over nearly 100 years, there have been many 100,000s of ordinary people who have
used this philosophy to become very successful. Each one of us can do the same,
if we are COACHABLE.

I thank Michael and Linda for doing as Barnes did, by developing a BURNING
DESIRE; by learning what Tom Schreiter teaches; by learning what Hill teaches
here in T&GR. And by creating MFF using the philosophy he learned from both
Napoleon Hill, Tom Schreiter and others.

I thank each person who has chosen to begin developing that BURNING DESIRE that
bring us to tears. Without you, the success of MFF would not be possible.

I thank each person who has downloaded my ebook and allows me to call them
weekly. We are learning from each other. The two of us are a mastermind group in
the way Hill recommends. I thank each of you for your DESIRE to be successful.

Bob Shoaf
Alamogordo, NM

PS: Each one of us who demonstrate we are COACHABLE, are learning how to attract
anything and anyone we desire into our lives.