Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Cindy Harris Mandeville , Louisiana , USA

Posted: 2018-09-18



IMPOSSIBLE ??? ... NOPE!!! ... I THINK NOT !!!


Through HABIT & FAITH, over the past few months, I have repeated every morning & night my self talk about making $ through Sitting with Elderly & Infirmed.  My $10,000 goal by November 1st was definitely attainable at the time I BEGAN that self talk.  NOW, however, it SEEMS almost impossible, but I will not give in to that thought.  That idea has no place in my mind.  Nope! I don't know how, but The Good Lord DOES! 


I have taken the steps that, in my mind, were necessary, and I continue to do so.  I have gotten some work in that area, but not enough to even begin to add up to the dollar amount that I will not let go of.  I WILL ATTAIN WHAT I SET OUT TO ACCOMPLISH because I know it's available because my self conscious mind THINKS it is! ... Therefore, it IS!


I, in the past capacity of Owner of Premier Cleaners No. 9, am well known in this part of our little world, and the response I have received from our community is HUGE! There is absolutely NO WAY that I should have lack in this line of work here in Mandeville, as this is a wealthy part of the country and there is, sadly, GREAT NEED for my services.  A few short weeks ago, I made it known, through my business cards at work & around town and over Facebook, that I was available to sit with your loved ones, and the response was what I had expected, EVERYONE wanted me!!!


I have been working a little, but will be following up with those who were interested this week and get this hose unkinked! By my calculations, I can easily acquire one-half of my goal by November 1st, but I KNOW My God has the means of far surpassing anything I can ask or think.  P.S.B.  :-)


Thank you, my fellow Mastermind Batteries, for being all you can be as part of this amazing MIND! We are ONE! We are gathered together & nothing can stop us from being the Best we can be as a whole & individually! Please pray for me through Christ Jesus, as I do for you.  God only knows where we're going, but I'm so blessed to be on this road with y.o.u.!


Thank you, Linda & Michael Dlouhy, for starting this amazing journey, and for CONTINUING all these years! I know you will see this through it's completion....


Cindy Harris

Mandeville Louisiana