Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Harry Wilbur Winlock , Washington , USA

Posted: 2018-09-13

1. When I fell asleep and I woke up I have this idea for helping people on drugs and
changing the way the  treatment centers help people cuz I was in one once in I would
rather have them help people giving skills to succeed when they get out of the treatment center.

So when they get out of there, can prosper and fully be a functional person in society like
mentoring for free giving skills to build them up spiritually economically instead  of just
sending them back out there with them being clean but not having no success plan no
goals no purpose.

Feeding them knowledge to be successful how to be in the spiritual Realm so they could
see so they can succeed in life and have what we have the spirit that is inside of us, to
truly touch there lives with the infinite intelligence.

That's how I would want my treatment center and it's stuck in my head since last night and
when I woke up. So I am coming to the master mind group for the best plan to help  trouble
teens and young adults to give them a success plan so they have a chance at life to live it
abundantly and full of happiness enjoy love and peace

Plus if we build them up and help them get off the streets we're building up on our economy
and our nation for a better good this is where truly is my heart cuz I was out there and I saw
my daughter's age shooting up heroin shooting up things that you should never ever see any
child do.

their own parents selling them for drugs when I heard some of these stories it was the saddest
thing I've ever heard in my life.They  just want to know what real love feels like. Thank you Bob
Shoaf and Michael deloney making this all possible thank you thank you build people up for
success and life skills core values appreciate you more than you think and thank you  thank you.

it has really opened my spirit up and wow how the spirit always guides your every step when
you fully trust in God the infinite intelligence in the spirit that lives inside each and everyone of
us is not what you see but is what you cannot see that changes you.