Think & Grow Rich Lessons
James Lombard Dublin, Leinster, Ireland

Posted: 2018-08-08

Ctrl/Cmd+V                                                                             Imagination



Referring to the clergyman Dr.Gunsaulus, Hill tells us, “Every night he took that thought to bed with him. He got up with it in the morning. He took it with him everywhere he went. He turned it over and over in his mind until it became a consuming obsession with him.”


It all started with the idea of “organizing a great educational institution, where young people would learn to do practical things, and at the same time develop their minds”. How was he to get the million dollars needed to give effect to his life’s purpose? Having embraced the idea, it had become his heart-felt desire. It had captured his whole being and it was demanding a solution, a solution which was not available from ordinary human experience. A creative answer was called for from his imagination and his desire, which had taken over his mind, was pressing for a satisfactory answer.


The organization of the chapters in this book, that is, ‘Imagination’ followed by ‘Organized Planning’, leading to ‘Decision’ is no accident. That is exactly the order of the process that Gunsaulus went through. Finally his overwrought conscious mind, spurred on by an all-consuming desire caused his creative imagination to produce the solution to his conundrum in the form of a definite plan. No, he didn’t procrastinate, as many would do in similar circumstances by saying “I’ll do it tomorrow”; he took immediate action and was successful.


We can apply this lesson to every area of life. When faced with a seemingly impossible situation, if we are regularly saying a self-talk that mirrors our purpose, positivity will take over and keep whispering that message of hope “Yes you can”, until the creative imagination comes up with the answer.


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