Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Lawrence Bergfeld Bronx, New York, USA

Posted: 2018-08-05

IDEAS are the main thing!

Sometimes they have not been planned!. Think about POST IT NOTES, Microwave ovens... They were accidentally discovered.

Also the doctor Institute of Armour Technology got the money within a week! He did NOT leave it to chance. He create a PLAN with a deadline and just did it!

Specifically he got the job done within a week which is gotten the money from the Preacher. The amount was 1 million dollars!

He learned from this from the two years that he did NOTHING but think, maybe it was a wish, maybe not, who knows.

But Point is that he knew that he could not leave himself thinking about the how. He applied what Ken Klemn and Richard Dennis spoke about many times! Which is the WHY by being clear on that.

To make a long story short he told the preacher that he will create a college where people will learn by doing!

The preacher could see that passion in his eyes the certainity in his voice and he had the FEELING the doctor meant it!

So therefore he got the millions!

Thats an example of being clearn on what you WANT!

Lesson learned is that the word how is a dream destroyer!

Lawrence Bergfeld

PS: Lets apply the other part of the chapter that TITLES of book are the ones that sell. When one is not selling create a new title! We have that here at Mentoring For Free a way to do that. Many years ago Bob and Anna Bassett mentioned headline analyzer in Advanced Marketing Institute, where the keys are Intellectual, Spiritual and Emotional which are part of da brain.! And also making people laugh like Nathan Grimes does on Linkedin and also what Richard Dennis mentioned. Margi Starr said on her Instagram trainings that people are more attracted to PICTURES than to words. And John Erik Moseler mentioned that Text has views on Facebook of 6% and Graphics are 12%!