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Loray Rover Greenbelt , MD, US

Posted: 2018-08-03

Loray Rover Greenbelt, Maryland 


Chapter 6 Imagination



Hill says there are only two forms of imagination.


In particular one is called synthetic imagination,” thee other called creative imagination.”


SYNTHETIC IMAGINATION:—  Of only in this content one may only be able to arrange history concepts, ones ideas, or even their plans into a new combination.    In all, this definitely forms no picture.  Although you’re able to see this working with experience, education as well as observation only by the way it is fed.   As this have been seen by the use of an inventor, with the inception of those drawing on the intentions of their creative imagination, when one cannot solve their own difficulties through synthetic imagination (Hill).


CREATIVE IMAGINATION:— Now in this content one may in the creative imagination, have an finite mind  which man may process a direct communication with the Infinite Intelligence.  In this process one is able to draw on their own hunches as well as their inspirations which are received. Now this is of course all the basics or its present ideas that is handed to the man (Hill).


This is one of the greatest gifts in which man has been given a gift of imagination.  This is the ability to see things - for one to think and for one to create with having access to mental pictures- in their minds.


Ask ourselves why we have this gift, I am pretty sure our Infinite Intelligence imagines.  Pretty much the Infinite Intelligence has imagined the entire universe and it has boiled down to it was created.  Now I know for sure this was a thought first before becoming a reality.  Also what I know the Infinite Intelligence had already imagined all of history.   One can whole their breath but he has already seen it happen before it even happen while some of us are still holding their breath. He is the one that who thought this up, hmmm.  Guess what he has imagine this in advance.  Yes, he is already foreknowledge.  We are definitely like the Infinite Intelligence only when we are being creative.  Is this making sense?  One is only like the Infinite Intelligence when we are being creative.  The Infinite Intelligence gave each and everyone the ability to be creative with their imagination.  As we draw on our imagination for the good and the Infinite Intelligence he smiles.


Always a thank you to Linda and Michael Dlouhy you both have made my life so much better, because of mentoring for free where you learn HOW to think not WHAT to think, 5 Pillars Audio, Business Model Audio and Being All In Audio. Great thank you always to Bob and his wife for always answering my questions, teaching the colors in learning to build relationships with others.  And just like to say thank you mastermind for all your patience in the learning of this great Think and Grow Lessons.


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