Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Levi Baker Elizabethtown, KY, United States

Posted: 2018-08-02

Think And Grow Rich Lesson 6

I know I am considerate a red but I am defying all odds. Considered too you and the group that is my persistence and this time around I am getting more out of the group when I was in the group before I didn't understand anything that's was happening at all.

And this time I am 100% focussed so at church tonight I was pretty much asked to become a leader of mens  group and I must tell you I never imagined that I would be but that is where god is leading me too and I must be the right right person

For the job I finally knew my calling after. But after 20 years of imagined I always felt like I was on the wrong the wrong path but know I finally know my purpose in life and my blessings are on their way when you start too believe and imagine yourself in a leadership role and it comes out of no where or when you least expect it this portion will help me out spiritually , and educationally.

And business wise and really this all thanks to my Creature most of all and  Bob ,and Mike, and I must say. I imagined becoming a bigger part of the this process of mentoring for free and whatever it takes Mike you are the most knowledable guy I know and I know this  because you barley know anything about me and you still hit everything right on the head.

This I imagined having theif it was really possible to have this type of life I am starting to receive I just didn't know i it was really possible in 5 years I wouldn't think my life would have done a complete 720 and I didn't believe in myself I always believed in God and I did the a really bold thing In church i always imagined telling my story and I did it for the first time in front of people  at church and for the first time out  of 20 years it feels like I belong their and now I feel. The love of others geniuly without an agenda and my talents are needed to bring people closer to our creature and my imagination made it all possible once again that you Michael and most of Bob for believing in me and each assignment is getting better and better, this will be fun for me helping and going to the top of the opportunitys that is were my imagination is taking me.


Levi Baker, Elizabethtown Ky