Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Jon Stainsby BRIGHTON, East Sussex, United Kingdom

Posted: 2018-08-01

Chapter 5 Specialised Knowledge

Although I'm new to the industry, I quickly realised the old school way of network marketing, prospecting strangers at summer fetes and knocking on doors, was not my preferred approach. I had heard a few people mention using social media to attract prospects but the majority of my more experienced peers were very skeptical and tried to dissuade me from considering it.

I had general knowledge of social media, marketing and communication skills but quickly realised I need specialised knowledge of attraction marketing, with a plan of action for implementing my idea. This is when Bob's post about Success in 10 Steps appeared in my timeline. I downloaded the book, emailed my Why and have been slowly learning the specialised knowledge I need to achieve my burning desire, using the proven system provided by Mentoring For Free.

I am still early in my journey, taking one step at a time, but I have strong Faith that with the help and support of Bob, Micheal and the rest of the MFF Mastermind team I will easily gain the specialised knowledge required to fully carry out the plan of action and build my business to help others.

Ad astra

Jon Stainsby