Think & Grow Rich Lessons
James Lombard Dublin, Leinster, Ireland

Posted: 2018-07-31

Ctrl/Cmd+                                                                          Specialized Knowledge


“First of all, decide the specialized knowledge you require and the purpose for which it is needed. To a large extent, your major purpose in life, the goal toward which you are working, will help determine what you need.”


When you have decided what knowledge you need, your imagination will help you get it, if you constantly repeat a self-talk, based on a life purpose, that you believe you will attain. Your purpose must be a burning obsession and your self-talk must drive you to fulfil it. In such a situation, your subconscious mind will find an answer in the form of a practical plan that you must immediately implement.


Be practical, look for specific knowledge to achieve your objective. You don’t need a university degree or a change of personality; you are perfect the way you are, so avoid negative thoughts and repel any feelings of lack.


Network marketing is multi-faceted and you will need the assistance of many successful practitioners to be a success at it. No other mastermind is as efficient and effective as Mentoring for Free. Its members are willing to help without imposing their agenda on anyone seeking their help. If you are open-minded and willing to share your thoughts and feelings, you will benefit from participating. You will develop a positive outlook and be helped with the nuts and bolts of this business. One thing is certain; you will be tested.


Moreover, people tend to adopt the habits of those they closely associate with, especially if those they associate with are successful. As Hill reminds us, “I am also trying to emphasize another point, namely, that both success and failure are largely the results of habit.”


To sum up, what you need to be able to do is combine your imagination with specialised knowledge so as to release ideas and an organised plan which you must, impelled by a powerful self-talk, put into action. Napoleon Hill says, “Capability means imagination, the one quality needed to combine specialized knowledge with ideas, in the form of organized plans designed to yield riches.”


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