Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Leo Dubois Sturgeon Falls, Ontario, Canada

Posted: 2018-07-30


Specialized Knowledge

In the world of business and finance, knowledge becomes valuable when it is turned into action which leads to concrete results. This is why people get paid, or in, other words, people get paid not to acquire knowledge, but rather to take acquired knowledge and transform it into a plan of action and bring about intended results. No truer words can be said when we look at this transformation from the efforts of Michael Dlouhy, Big Al Shrieter, Ken Klemm, Bob Shoef, Tula Rand, (am new to this business so do not know many people)to name a few. This is what has made MFF an outstanding company. It is the results of this process, to use knowledge for formulating a plan of action leading to concrete results.

The coaching call is MFF's most powerful tool. This is the first step in turning  specialized knowledge into a plan of action, and when one implements the plan, it brings about the desired results. This is specialized theory transformed into action to produce tangible results. Focus in this lesson is on specialized knowledge and MFF has made it work and the kicker is that it is all FREE. To provide a practical solution for success in an area where millions failed in MLM business and for MENTORING FOR FREE to turn it around to where now thousands of people are succeeding is an incredible success story.