Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Levi Baker Elizabethtown, KY, United States

Posted: 2018-07-26

I think their ournplenty forms and speclized knownledge and the typical person will look at this part of the subject and immediately assume it is about a possibly or having a license too do something.

Well in some way it is but it is Mora awAy of thinking you see going throw think and grow rich and LEARING the color chart and LEARING the color wheel when I first joined .an me and bob we bumped head big time

He would ask me do something i am the kinda that use too procrastinate but eventually get to what ever it is I am suppose too do and that is no way to be you have to learn bow to be and stay coachable now I have been called a red personality which I get.

And trust me MICHEAL you couldn't be futhure from the truth I used to be a stronger red five years ago and too me being a red that's my personality and my way life,I carry myself and I give everyone all of me in in every situation I am in either I go hard or I am not intrested .

In what I am supposed be doing their are no close areas but listen I know how too differnaite between truth and honesty, and right and wrong, and reading people is a trait that I learned back in high school the way you carry your self is important too your GOd as your know him, or your higher power for the ones who don't who don't believe.

I chose my God, I have learned by battling a him addiction for years and years the earliest people I ran into in my life is in the rooms of A,A , you reallg want too be evaluated have a friend in A,A because we carry our self just the war we are asked we do what we do put if the common good of man and woman kind.

We build up , and we certainly never tear down, now you would have looked at me and by personality you would have thought and by the way I talk I am just a red is a bad thing and you guys apart of the the muff program their is a reason why I am still here. 

And here it is anything I do I do it with honesty , and integrity, I am a bigbhuge lover and I am also a cold heryed person at time and too be honest I I been that way all my life being a label or not fitting inside of box was never trait.

The suits on Madison avenue think they can sum me I think not I am a comelian I can switch to any color and use eertrait but still control the conversation and do it where I am coming across nicely and I really stepped back and I met a red yesterday we were talking about my. 


Business and how it is important too save of for retirement and were I went wrong is I gave him too much credit and let me tell you being a black American anywhere is hard we all chose our own destiny and are struggles are a state of mine and I chose not to be a number beging the prison walls of America like 90% of the black American race they have their way of doing things .

Proper etiquette some people call it the law of the land land I call the strongest survies and see everyone says knownledge is power well think about this Smart, people get rich, Not so smart people get rich, old people get rich , young people get rich ECT....

The ones with technique have something in common they haven't read think and grow rich and understood the whole Think  an Grow Rich apology/ concept and the ones who has that didn't have this have this trait before Think and Grow Rich we just learned how too channel our .

The way we do everything is , the way we do anything.

Moral of the story in every industry in a the world their a Millionaire or a Billionaire are or a someone who is in control of something or someone that has more knownledge then you then I didn't say schooling i said knownledge and too me that's what's specialised knownledge mean too me.

Sicererly Levi Baker,

Elizabethtown Kentucky

Think and Grow Rich Student 

Thanks Michael and bob for believing in me Michel we started this journey which I had been in this program before I didn't apply myself cause I truly new ever thing why would listen too someone who has more speiaclized knownledge then me?