Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Leo Dubois Sturgeon Falls, Ontario, Canada

Posted: 2018-07-17


I had the strangest experience once. I accidently put my hand on the stove and I could feel my hand burning. I then suddenly realised the stove had not been turned on and that my hand was not burned. For a moment I felt my hand being scorched, it was a real experience. In reality this was an idea in my mind that I believed in and it momentarily became a reality. I am some what confused by this. Does this prove that  we do not understand the tremendous power that the mind has in transforming thoughts into reality. Is it possible that we don't know how to harness this power and potential? I once heard someone say that the greatest unexplored continent on the face of the earth is the human mind. Napoleon Hill, in this chapter says, "Through out the ages religionist have  admonished people to have faith but they have failed to tell people how to have faith". Napoleon Hill puts the reader on the right path when he writes in bold letters on the opening page of chapter 3   THERE ARE NO LIMITATIONS TO THE MIND EXCEPT THOSE WE ACKNOWLEDGE.

Is it all in the mind? I recall a historical incident on May 6, 1954 when Roger  Bannister, an Oxford physician  broke the four minute mile barrier for the first time in history by running a 3:59.4 .Before Bannister's feat, all the critics were unanimous in saying no human would ever be able to run the mile under 4 minutes. He beat the time by 60/100  of a second. Now here's the kicker. Two months later, June 24,1954, John Landay, another Britisher ran the mile in 3:57.9 in Turku, Finland. Since then, the 4 minute mile barrier has been broken by 1400 athletes. The record now stands at 3:43.13 by Hicham El  Gourrouj.I had never heard of him till I researched it on the internet .Bannister was knighted by the Queen and he will always be remembered for his historical achievement. The bottom line in all of this is there was a lot of thought turned into faith and belief that culminated in outstanding achievements. In a metaphorical sense, we all have the ability to break and set a record of our own personal mile.