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Loray Rover Greenbelt , MD, US

Posted: 2018-06-28

Loray Rover Greenbelt, Maryland 


Chapter 2 Desire


Although my parents cared enough to send me off to college and to achieve a great education in which I did and work hard for results and improve my lively hood.  I got good grades, found a job, in fact help supportt my family.  Found out later I did not have to work hard but it only called for the six steps to obtain wealth.  I did not have to become rediculous or credulous.   One does not need years of education but just need the six steps as long they can become teachable.  Wow, one needs not even a great imagination to allow one to see, this is not by chance, good fortune or luck but with an understanding just as Michael and Linda Dlouhy has shown us with “Success in 10 Steps, Powerful Networking Secrets”, “Mom’s Secret Talent”, “Color to Success”, “Five Pillars”.  As well as guest author in “It’s Time for Network Marketing by John Milton Fogg” and “Chicken Soup for the Network Marketer’s Soul by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hanson.”  Keep in mind at some point all who accumulated wealth did the same six steps to accumulate healthy fortunes, one must start at certain amounts of dreaming, having faith, great desiring and planning before they acquired money.



We all do know, at this time, riches cannot be obtained ever in great quantities, one have to be able too work yourself in hotness of DESIRE for money, and truly believe without doubt and you will receive.


Every great leader has possessed from the early stages of civilization down to the now, is a dreamer.


One must be able to see great riches in their imagination in order to see it in your bank account.  In all times this is the history of America which has brought such opportunity, for realistic dreamers now exists.  When that six year economic collapse had decreased all men, significantly, to equal level.  Its props constitutes large fortunes that accumulated into the next ten years.  One says the ruling of a race changed due to CHANGE over the time in our WORLD we know the masses are favored, but for others that received less opportunity to have success under the ruling of occurrence at the time of depression, had fear immobilized growth and development.


All who are in the race to obtain riches, know this, be encouraged that the changed world which we live in is constantly needing new ideas, new methods of doing things, new leaders, new innovations etc.  Persistence is the key and just having an imagination no matter how small or how big can make a dream happen.


Thank you Micheal and Linda Dlouhy for all you do and keep doing in the Think and Grow Rich, thank you Bob Shoaf for all the great information you share in Think and Grow Rich and thank masterminds in Think and Grow Rich.


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