Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Dana Setola Edison, NJ, United States

Posted: 2018-06-27

Okay so where do I start let me see I read this book a long time ago and the reason why I say that is because it makes sense to say that because I read this and then I had my experiences in life and now I read this book again which now actually makes it more clear understanding Okay so chapter one understanding that thought becomes things I'm starting to understand how that's coming true I mean I understand the concept that we focus on what we want but desire I can't say that consistently happening in my life Barnes talked about how he was going to become Edison's partner he stated it and he was by it and he did everything he could and everything he did that came in that reality and then we're Derby He stopped just a little bit too soon and he could have had all that gold but he didn't Focus where his focus wasn't where it should have been so I guess I can say I desire for what we want has to be Sobeys refocus show steady so straight ahead and never take her high off what it is that we want and believing no matter what even if it's impossible The Impossible can be possible.  now I'm hungry right believe this in theory I mean hear it being possible by other people By other people the thing is I cannot believe it's possible for myself. so I need to get that laser focus and hold on to that that if what I really want and make it happen by focusing on that and that alone and not the absence of it but the Abundant of it I guess that's what I got out of it