Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Mervyn Drury Casey, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Posted: 2018-06-25

Chapter 1 Thoughts Are Things


Hill tells us that anything Man can conceive it is possible for him to achieve. We conceive things or ideas via hunches and dreams but how many of us change these dreams and hunches into finite objects.

Edwin Barnes, we assume had a dream of becoming the associate of the great inventor Edison. Most people would have dismissed this as an impossible dream. Not Barnes he saw obstacles like lack of money and he did not know Edison as unsurmountable, the financial difficulty he overcame by travelling by freight train to Orange and he just presented himself in Edison’s Office declaring there and then that he was there to become Edison’s Associate. Definite Desire the starting point with all bridges burnt behind so no retreat.

Likewise in the case of the Warrior who took his army by ship to a land he wish to conquer, unloaded soldiers and supplies and then burnt the ships their only means of retreat. They had to win the battles or be killed. In Edwin Barnes case he did not see defeat nor did the Warrior Chief.

This highlights two important factors at the start of this journey to achieve a goal whether it is riches or a material object or qualification. The DESIRE must be definite with a never quit or compromise attitude. There can be no fall back or retreat position. The DESIRE must remain definite and gain in energy and action, no matter how small. Barnes did menial tasks that kept in Edison’s attention until the opportunity he was waiting for showed in an unassuming form of a Dictaphone, which everybody said could not possibly sell. This was Barnes’s opportunity.

There is another attitude that is required and that is Persistence, this being demonstrated by the Little Black Girls demand of the Land Owner to give her fifty cents for her Mother. She had the desire to obtain the fifty cents and she was going to get it. She persisted in her demand and when the Landowner took a step towards her she stepped towards him, an action unexpected and was the downfall of the Landowner.

Three things come out of this chapter for me to achieve a dream. Firstly the dream must be converted into a definite Desire; there can be no compromise (burnt Bridges) and finally persistence (Patience). The Universe will test us to ensure we are worthy of the final goal which may take years before it shows itself.

Thank you to Linda and Michael Dlouhy for showing us the way to change our thinking, a system that teaches us step by step the way to the ultimate achievement of our dream. To all of you, who post weekly Lessons containing words of wisdom and encouragement, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.    

Mervyn Drury

Casey, Australian Capital Territory, Australia.