Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Everardo Larreynaga Hempstead, NY, USA

Posted: 2018-06-24


Good introduction of Think and Grow Rich.  A plan of what I want, persistence and desire.  Persistence!!!.  I will look up the first "p".  I want to keep this in mind.  It is definite of purpose.  The first "p" is purpose.  Definiteness of purpose.  I am always looking for Mnemonic techniques to remember what I have learned such as the three most important ideas of this lesson 1:  Definiteness of purpose, persistence and desire.  I believe I have those 3 characteristics.  And in my way I have used them.  Let me consider.  I wanted to go to college and I did go to college and graduated.  Could not get a job and overacted and went back to school and studied secretarial studies.I wanted to work I got several jobs as a secretary but was unhappy.  At the time I could not figure out how I could solve the problem.  There were careers I could do with my degree but no one told me and I could not figure it out by myself.  And they all related to language skills such as translating, interpreters and there was lots of that when I graduated and still there are opportunities.  But you need to prepare for it adequately.  Seems that for my time and before my time "information" has not been lacking but you need to know where to get it and act on it.  I am simply trying to understand what happened to me?  It seems that  in addition to the "definiteness of purpose",  "persistence" and "desire" we need information and mentors.  I think Bob Shoaf mentioned this through a email he sent me about baseball.  You do not have a game without the team or something like that.  You do not have a team without the players.  It is not a one person show.  For me I find my experience speaks that personal success is the work of several people.