Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Lawrence Bergfeld Bronx, New York, USA

Posted: 2018-06-24

Chapter 1 of Think and Grow Rich. Edwin Barnes did whatever it took to become the business partner of Thomas Edison. He was able to go and meet him without knowing him and have the money for the train ride. He did whatever it took to accomplish that no matter how long it took!! He sold the ediphone and become wealthy. Henry Ford did not have a great education nor any influence or anything when he first began!! He had no education but he had a desire & a will to win. He told the staff to produce the V8 engine no matter how long it took to get the jobe done! The people did it!! Otherwise there would be no JOB for them!!

Lets avoid being an uncle Darby because there are networkers who did NOT have a mastermind group like we have here but they still managed to become the top money earners because of their skills. It even says that in Success In Ten Steps every relationship driven business in a 26 year time from became successful no matter how poorly the company was managed. That was BEFORE the Mentoring For Free System even existed! Hello? We have more EXPERT council here than those top money earners from 1978-2004 had when they built it. Its ridiculous to stop 3 feet from gold. People ask Michael Dlouhy what is his biggest secret and he says self-talk. It must be emotional and make you cry. Just like Art Jonak mentioned if your why does not make you cry then you don't have one.

Lawrence Bergfeld

PS: Aare you going to USE this and make a decision to succeed or are you just making a wish. The late Sarah Thompson said at a company convention that there is a difference between a wish and a decision. A wish is something you talk about and a decision is DOING the necessary steps to accomplish your goal. When you are taking the steps the you DO IT and DO IT and do it, till the job gets done just like Art Williams said!