Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Cindy Harris Mandeville , Louisiana , USA

Posted: 2018-06-20



Fear is comprised of doubt & indecision....


Go figure ... "Something" woke me up early this morning so I could FINALLY post my lesson.  Ha! Thank You Lord! 


I knew the topic, but STILL didn't know how I was going to write my lesson, so I pulled up a few of your amazing lessons....  While I was reading MERVYN'S, the ideas (hunches) came.  :-)


Bright & EARLY tomorrow morning, I will head out for a very exciting, wonderful LOOONG weekend with some sweet friends.  Although I KNOW I'm going to have a great time, I'M ALMOST PETRIFIED! After having been confined to 7-day weeks of hard work for the past 18 years in the dry cleaning business, I'm always excited to be able to get out of town, but only to the NEIGHBORING town.  Ha! ... I do LOOOVE to fly, but have only flown twice during all those years, and some elements of the experience have become setbacks, as follows:


* Airport security rumors & reality

* Being out of my normal environment

* Being called back to work (BOTH TIMES) ... not going to happen this time because my boss can't do that :-)

* Normal hip joint degeneration (LOTS of pain running around airports, requiring ice packs)


Mervyn's lesson mirrored my thoughts & feelings, and helped me realize the truth of the matter.


I'm going to face my fears head on and I'm going to walk right through it and ENJOY EVERY MINUTE FEARLESSLY.  All of these fears are going to dissipate as soon as I begin this amazing journey!


Thank you Mervyn for posting your BRILLIANT LESSON!!!


Do you want to know what I'm doing? :-) It's a long story and I have to start getting ready for work, but...


I have a dear friend, Emily Randon, who has been 2nd Runner Up for the past 3 years in the Miss Louisiana Pageant.  This year, she is expected to WIN! I know she will because after I decided I was going to be able to finally fly to Monroe, Louisiana to watch her this time, I got a HUNCH to invite a friend of mine to meet me there.  Without that HUNCH, I would have just flown there, had some much-needed alone time, and enjoyed the whole trip....  My friend, John, is ALL ABOUT the pageants, but has lived in Mississippi for many years and always pulls for her.  He has moved to Texas during the past year, so I didn't know who he would be promoting, and wondered if he'd like to meet up and help me cheer Emily on for Louisiana.  He accepted! Emily brought some clothes to the cleaners the next day, and I informed her that I WAS GOING, and invited a friend, John Chisholm.  My BLUE SELF proceeded to tell Emily how I met him, etc....  He worked at Outback for many years, and watched over my dear daughter, Danielle, mentoring her & loving her for a couple of years there....  Hmmm, she thought she knew him....  I showed her his Facebook Profile Picture, and that thought was confirmed....  HE WAS THE REASON SHE BEGAN HER JOURNEY AS A BEAUTY QUEEN!!! NO KIDDING! She worked at Outback for JUST ENOUGH TIME for him to convince her that she was pageant material!!! They are now in touch through Facebook and we are all SOOO EXCITED!!! This is all coming full circle! He HAD to attend this event! GOD IS SOOO GOOD and I can't be late for work! The end....  The beginning....