Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Leo Dubois Sturgeon Falls, Ontario, Canada

Posted: 2018-06-19


Wow, What a chapter! There is work here to challenge one for the next several months. Over all, the sustaining message in this chapter is that fear is a state of mind. However, the prevailing message in Hill's book is that fear is installed by negative thinking, but this can be remedied by eliminating thoughts from your mind or from your thinking. So, fear is a state of mind. Fear is not what happens outside of yourself, it is how you think about what happens outside yourself. It does not matter what fears you conjure up in your mind, because you are the only one who is affected and thinks that way. However, your mind is your  greatest asset because it can reject the negative thoughts that come with fear. Napoleon Hill says ,"Fears are nothing more than states of mind", and as stated in all the chapters of this book, thoughts can be our greatest assets or our worst enemies.

Napoleon Hill identifies 7 basic fears.  For today, I will limit my commentary to fear of poverty and fear of death.

Napoleon Hill classifies poverty as the "most destructive"of the 7 fears and discusses at great length mans desire for money, and how he acquires it in whatever way he can, "legal methods and other methods if necessary". The illegalities  committed to accumulate money are mind boggling. Napoleon Hill says "there are millions of people who will say, 'give me all the money I need, and I will find everything else I want'."This reminds me of a dictum which you may have also heard. It reads ,"Money is the root of all evil'.    I'm starting to think that maybe it should be changed to read, "it is the lack of money that is the root of all evil."

Fear of death is one that most people are plagued with. Hill's suggestion is simply eliminate the fear in your mind and that should solve the problem. But what concerns the majority of people is the more basic question of what comes after death, a fairly common concern in most cultures. In this chapter Napoleon Hill has stayed away from purporting anything of the spiritual nature in the human make up.  Nevertheless I cannot desist from quoting Deepak Chopra from his book, THE  SEVEN SPIRITUAL LAWS OF SUCCESS. "Nurture the divinity within you, the spirit animating your body and mind, by carrying the consciousness of timeless BEING in the midst of time-bound experience."