Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Lawrence Bergfeld Bronx, New York, USA

Posted: 2018-06-16

The bottom line of this chapter is to just make a decision to get going right away. Once you receive accurate information for network marketing and anything else in life you just gotta act on it. Because knowledge is power only if you put it into ACTION. Without doing anything about knowledge its just a waste of time. The only solution to fear which is caused by indecision and doubt is to take action on it! Henry Ford did, Woolworth has. They controlled their minds but the people who worked for them haven't. Their employees allowed negativity to creep into their cars. And therefore negativity kept their cars in their parking spaces forever. 

Zig Ziglar says that planes are meant for flying. And a plane that sits in its parking spot by the gate will deteriorate faster than one that flys. Same with people the more time you spend getting ready to get ready you are wasting time. Think about this. A basketball game has four quarters. Lets say each quarter is 8 minutes long. You have your time outs, you have the ref calling foul shots. You have people fouling each other, making bad plays, people getting the 3 second fouls shots, double dribble and other rules that stop the clock. I remember in Junior high school this kid Arnold shot a 3 point shot with 10 seconds left and the students beat the teacher 73-72. When the game is over its OVER!

Same thing with making decisions for anything else in life. Remember the definition of decision is to cut other options OUT.

Lawrence Bergfeld

PS: Get going now the clock is already running....