Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Louise Douglas Hartford, Ct, U S A

Posted: 2018-06-13

The "Sixth Sense" is the portion of the subconscious mind referred to as the Creative Imagination.  It has also been referred to as the "receiving set" through which ideas, plans and thoughts flash through our minds.  Our lives are flooded with so many choices and we need to pay very close attention to what and who we allow in our lives, what to accept or reject in the choices we make.

The author writes that the Sixth Sense is a topic that will be of great importance as we become critical thinkers.  That's where the hunches and inspirations come from.  In other words"thinking outside the box".  I am learning it is alright to have ideas that has a slightly different perspective than those I grew up with and became accustomed to.  The critical thinking process will make me better off and also upgrade my self confidence.

Much gratitude to Linda and Michael Dlouhy and the Mastermind Team for teaching and helping me to know and pursue my Desire, to leave others better than I found them.  Thanks to Bob Shoaf as he teaches me to "make today so "awesome  yesterday gets jealous".

Louise Douglas,

Hartford, CT