Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Cindy Harris Mandeville , Louisiana , USA

Posted: 2018-06-13



Creative imagination, hunches, inspirations, gut feelings, "The Guardian Angel," ... ...


At the age of 29, when I entered my marriage, I was a broken person.  Until that point, I was still just very sweet, I led a simple, safe, predictable, FUN life ... and my life was full.  I worked for a law firm, performing various jobs, owned my first-born, an adorable Cocker Spaniel, Papillon, but I felt incomplete without a man....  Personal growth was on the horizan, and I had a lot to learn.


I dated Randy for 4 years, and he finally proposed.  His family lived many miles away, and we visited thoughout those years probably once a year.  After our marriage, I learned to harden up somewhat, grow up, "man up," speak my mind, etc....  I married into a family of GREENS.  They viewed my sweet, subservient ways as weekness.  Oh, the lessons I had to learn!


My father-in-law passed away 7 years ago, still not fully accepting me as a whole person.  Sad.  After his funeral, on the 7-hour drive back that afternoon, a poem was coming to me, and I couldn't wait to get home and write it down.  I am NOT a poet my nature, but this I had to write....  When I presented it to my husband's family, including my mother-in-law (who had many years prior, learned to love me ... and we became friends ... and then she became my second mother, my greatest supporter), they were very touched.  It was an amazing poem that could only have come from The Lord Above.  


I don't fully know why I had to write that poem, but it helped to heal my heart.  It also was good for my children to see the love coming from me toward him and others.  I know it was a good thing for the rest of my husband's family also, but will never fully understand the rest of the story.  They're still pretty green.


Thank You Lord for yet another breakthrough!


Cindy Harris 

Mandeville Louisiana