Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Celeste Smucker Nellysford, VA, United States

Posted: 2018-06-10

Chapter 13 The Sixth Sense
The sixth sense is the receiving set of the brain, the creative imagination.  It is through the sixth sense that Infinite Intelligence operates when it sends hunches our way.  
I have been reading a book called Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert all about the creative process and how it operates.  The author believes that creative ideas are always "out there" looking for  someone to pick them up and bring them to life.  I believe that tuning into these ideas by a writer, painter, musician or other creative (which is all of us) is a good example of the sixth sense in action.
She offers several examples of this  one of whom is an American poet named Ruth Stone who she interviewed about how she writes her poetry.  The poet grew up in rural Virginia where she worked out in the fields.  She explained that sometimes she could actually "hear" a poem coming towards her.  When that happened she would rush home grab a pen and paper and wait for it to arrive.  When it did she would write it down as she received other words as it entered her creative imagination or sixth sense.  She described it as taking dictation.
Occasionally the poem would be moving so fast she would have to grab it as it rushed by her.  In those instances if what she caught was the tail end, the dictation would come in word for word, but backwards starting with the last word first.  
This may sound strange but really isn't this exactly why Michael always advises us to  keep pens and pads of paper all around the house so we can capture ideas as they come in?  If we don't chances are good they will move right on through us and keep going until they find someone who is ready to take them down and act on them.
Being prepared to act on advice coming from the sixth sense is a big part of the manifestation process.  If we don't write things down immediately, if we don't act on the advice when it arrives, we risk losing not only that immediate idea but future ones that might have come our way if we had been more prepared and tuned in.
"The sixth sense defies description!" Hill says.  In other words it is a mystery.  We may never know why or how it works, but we have all experienced it's power in our lives.  So take heed and be ready to act on hunches as they arrive.  If you don't someone else surely will.
Celeste Smucker  Nellysford, VA