Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Richard Burnett Spanish Fort, Alabama, USA

Posted: 2018-05-30

The subconscious mind….It has a specific purpose to control all the bodily functions necessary to live and that’s a good thing but I often think of it as a wild beast that needs to be tamed when it comes down to the thoughts that are in it. Hill describes it as a filing cabinet in which all those thoughts are stored. In modern days I guess it could be compared to a computer hard drive.


Harv Eker describes the mind as two parts, our true self/ false self. Our true self is what we strive to become, unencumbered by all the crap we picked up since birth. Our false self or conditioned mind is what we learned to be from all the faulty programming and that’s why it’s called the conditioned mind. Our conditioned mind stands as a protective device or a sentry to warn us of all the things that could go wrong in life and it always does an outstanding job of it. That’s a great thing if you are standing on the edge of a cliff but a very bad thing if you are attempting to build a business. Just listen to that conditioned mind saying what will others think about me if I do this or starting a new business is risky, what if you fail? And he warns that protection and action are opposites, where one can be found the other is absent.


So we have to program our minds on what could go right instead by doing our self talk diligently. 


And I love this sentence in Bob Shoaf’s lesson “Your income will never grow bigger than Your mindset. Maybe that’s why so many lottery winners don’t keep their winnings very long or why Lawrence Taylor and Refrigerator Perry ended up flat broke and living in their automobiles after successful football careers. Then he also states “Most people would rather not get this personal growth. They are looking for ways to become more successful, but when they get accurate, truthful information, they reject it.” That’s the truth and it’s always a mystery to me that people put such little importance on mindset.


Thank you thank you thank you  Linda and Michael Dlouhy for all you do. And for all my like minded mastermind partners who share their brilliance week after week.


Rick Burnett

Spanish Fort, Al