Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Marcel Schmidt Thunderbay, Ontario, Canada

Posted: 2018-05-23

Chapter 11 The Mystery of Sex Transmutation (Emotional Energy)


The Tenth Step toward Riches

What I get out of this chapter is if I transfer my sex desire to thoughts of helping people

then I will be doing what I need to do to be creative in my efforts in helping others in there businesses.

Napoleon Hill says behind every man of genius there is a woman who motivates him.

I know for sure that without the motivation of my wife Marina I would not have done the things I needed to do to become successfull.

Success comes in many forms which are First a successfull relationship with the God of myunderstanding. Second a successful relationship with  my wife Marina

Third succesfull relationships with my Daughter Desiree,my son Marcel and my three grandchildren Serrina, Myah and AJ and fourth building relationships with the people who have dowen loaded my ebook.

I know that by transmuting my desire for sex into positive actions of doing these things I will be doing these things successfully.

Thanks to Michael and Linda Doulhy for creating TGRL and MFF 

Thanks to my Mentors Bob Shoaf, Tuula Rands,Steve Porter and Michael Doulhy and all the like minded people in TGRL

Marcel Schmidt

Beautiful Thunderbay Ontario Canada