Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ken Klemm Spring Hill, FL, USA

Posted: 2016-02-25

The Grizzly Bear, Revisited...AGAIN

Fear is a FEELING. 

You feel hot, You feel cold, You feel afraid. Fear cannot 
kill You. It is simply a Feeling.

Your Subconscious Mind generates feelings in 
pre-programmed reaction to events or other stimuli. It 
taps into the Emotion Energy source located in the 
solar plexus and polarizes it Negative to produce the 
Feeling of Fear.

DANGER triggers RATIONAL FEAR. But Social 
Conditioning programs IRRATIONAL Fears deep into 
the Subconscious.


Fear triggers the Flight or Fight Response in Your 
body. This increases Your chances of surviving the 
attack of the grizzly bear.

The Response is designed to last only a few minutes. 
After a few minutes, You will either have escaped the 
grizzly bear or You have died. In either case, You no 
longer need the Flight or Fight Response (FFR).

The FFR causes the secretion of two hormones. The first 
hormone, adrenaline, increases Your heart rate and 
dilates Your blood vessels. This increases the flow of 
blood and oxygen to Your brain, nerves and muscles. You 
thus have greater speed and reflexes to outrun Your 
slowest companion. If You are alone, You have increased 
strength, stamina, reflexes and strategy to mortally 
wound the grizzly bear.

The second Hormone, glucocorticoid, shuts down most of 
Your body’s other systems:

The reproductive system - You don’t need to be 
concerned with seduction while the grizzly is chasing 

The digestive system - normal liver and pancreas 
function and the processing of food are not important 
while Your life is threatened.

The immune system - fighting off viruses is not a 
concern while the beast is bearing down on You.

The cognitive system - clear thinking and problem 
solving are of no concern while dealing with the 

ALL Energy is being diverted to Flight or Fight.

If You are frequently afraid - suffering from chronic 
stress, then Your reproductive, digestive, immune 
and cognitive systems are not functioning a lot of 
the time.

Do You often suffer with cold symptoms?
A stressed immune system leads to frequent illness. 

Do You have frequent headaches?
An out-of-balance digestive system leads to disease.

Are You having difficulty getting pregnant? 
Chronic stress.

Muddled thinking? Chronic stress.


Chronic stress leads to increased levels of visceral 
fat. Let’s not mince words here: The Subconscious Mind 
is REALLY STUPID. Chronic stress makes it believe You 
live in a neighborhood crowded with grizzlies. So it 
builds up layers of fat under Your abdominal muscles in 
a lame attempt to protect Your vital organs from being 
ripped apart by a bear.

Again, Fear is a FEELING. Feelings are generated by 
Your Subconscious based on its programmed BELIEFS. It 
believes being stuck in a traffic jam, approaching a 
deadline, giving a presentation, making a phone call 
and asking someone for a date are as detrimental to You 
as being attacked by a grizzly bear.


You can achieve FREEDOM from FEAR by seizing ownership 
of Your MIND. Your Conscious Mind has the POWER of CHOICE.

You cannot erase the existing programs and Ghosts of 
Fear lurking within Your Subconscious, but You can 
outwit and overwhelm them by CHOOSING NEW PROGRAMS. You 

Your Conscious Mind is like the watchman at the gate of 
Your Subconscious. That is YOUR responsibility. Your 
Stupid, yet powerful, Subconscious will ACT on whatever 
garbage You allow to pass through to it. You must be 
forever on guard and not allow Yourself to become a 
Prospect for Other People’s Puke.

Your Friend and Servant,

Ken Klemm - Spring Hill, Florida, USA