Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kenneth Guernsey Guernsey Lubbock, TX,

Posted: 2016-02-24

Chapter 15

How to Outwit the Six Ghosts of Fear

When I was in college, one of my professors had our class do an experiment.  He took his hand and placed an imaginary lemon on it.  He asked all of us to do the same and follow his instructions.  I am going to ask all of you that are reading this to do the same.  He used his other hand and picked up an imaginary knife.  With the knife he sliced the lemon in half, then quartered it.  Then we all set our knives down, picked up a quarter lemon.  He said for us that like salt on it, salt it.  Then we all picked up our quarter lemons, and we sucked the juice and bit into the lemon.  He asked us if we tasted the lemon.  We all did.  Did you taste the lemon as well?  How could you taste it?  It wasn't there.  This proves how powerful our thoughts are.  As I write this, I am still tasting the lemon, with salt, as that is how I like mine.

When we tasted the lemon, that was immediate gratification of our expirement.  What Mr. Hill is saying is that what we think in our minds is what we will get.  If the flue is the illness of the day, and you fear it, and you dwell your thoughts on it, you will most likely get the flue, just as you tasted the lemon.  This same principle applies to most things in our lives.  Keep our thoughts on positive outcomes, and good things will happen within your lives.  Make them real in your minds.  Do the activity required to make those things happen.  You will be challenged, but work around those challenges with solutions created in your mind that ultimately get you where you want to be.  By visualizing all the steps required to meet your objective, and making them real in your mind, if you follow all the steps, you will achieve your goal.  Make it real in your mind first, then do it.

The above is just my thoughts as I have read this lesson.

Kenneth Guernsey