Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Martin Hall Stourbridge, West Midlands, United Kingdom

Posted: 2016-02-24



Last Wednesday Michael asked each one of us to explain how they are affected by each of the six fears mentioned by Hill in Chapter 15 of Think And Grow Rich.

The “Six Ghosts of Fear” are: Fear of Poverty; Fear of Criticism: Fear of Ill Health; Fear of Loss of Love; Fear of Old Age; Fear of Death.

I’ll consider each of these fears in turn.

Fear of Poverty

I’m experiencing poverty now and, believe me,it ain’t no fun. One positive outcome of this is that it’s made me more determined to get out of it. Because of the encouragement I’ve received from this mastermind group, I believe that I can do this. There’s only one cloud on the horizon. People who lived through the Great Depression say that the fear of poverty never goes away. I’m a little concerned  that fear of poverty might have an impact on my decision – making in the future.


Fear of Criticism

Through most of my life I’ve suffered from lack of confidence and self-esteem. I’ve always found it difficult to believe that my skills, my achievements and my opinions are worth anything. Because of this it’s always been difficult to see myself being successful. During the last twelve months I’ve received a lot of criticism from people I’ve come into contact with in the UK. A lot of it has been negative, a lot of it has been downright unkind. In short, people have written me off. More recently I’ve started to ask one or two questions about the people who criticise me. Who’s to say that they’re right? What good will it do me to pay attention to them anyways? Thanks to the help I’ve received from my mentor colleagues at Mentoring For Free I’ve begun to see all this criticism for what it is – completely irrelevant. Yes, I’ve just started to believe in myself.


Fear of Ill Health

I suffer from high blood pressure. I take six medicines to control it. Five years ago I suffered a transient  ischemic attack, sometimes known as a mini-stroke. I woke up one morning and my right hand simply didn’t work. The physical symptoms disappeared quite quickly. But the mental effects of this incident lasted for nearly twelve months. I  couldn’t help but think about how close I’d come to permanent brain damage or worse. Nevertheless I decided to do what I could to improve my chances for the future. I cut out the things which raise cholesterol levels from my diet(basically saturated fats). I lost 35 pounds in weight. As time has passed I’ve gradually learned to put these unpleasant thoughts to the back of my mind.


Fear of Loss of Love

I suppose I don’t think about this too often. I don’t have a family. When my father died I became the last of them. I have very few friends. You could say, though, that the support that I get from colleagues at Mentoring For Free makes up for this. I’d really miss it.


Fear of Old Age

Although I’m 62 I don’t feel particularly old. This may be because most members of my family have been long-lived. I know, however, that some people aren’t quite so lucky with  their health or longevity. This thought does haunt me on occasion.


Fear of Death      

Death itself doesn’t frighten me as much as it used to. There are, however , two things associated with it that worry me. I dread dying with a painful illness, liken my father did. I also fear dying before I’ve achieved what I want to achieve. I want to make a success of my business this  will be something positive that people will remember me for. I don’t want to be prevented from doing this.


When I’m haunted by any of these fears I remember Michael quoting Jim Rohn’s advice “Don’t sign up for that class”. That’s what I say to myself. Indeed I say it when I come across any thought which is remotely negative. I simply refuse to interact with such thoughts. Then I use self talk to replace the negative thoughts with positive ones. I’m not yet 100% effective, but I’m going to keep trying.


Martin Hall       Stourbridge       United Kingdom