Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ethel Van Zanten Tucson,, Arizona, USA

Posted: 2018-03-07

Chapter 15, The Six Ghosts of Fear

In analyzing he Six Ghosts of Fear this time I have decided that I have had a fear of poverty.  The characteristics of a person with the fear of poverty are:

              Indifference: One has a lack of ambition, willingness to tolerate poverty, lack of initiative, imagination enthusiasm and self=control.

               Indecision, The habit of permitting other to do one’s thinking. Staying on    the Fence.

                Doubt:Generally expressed by explaining away or apologize for one’s failures.

                 Worry: Expressed by finding fault with others, nervousness, lack of Self Reliance.  

                 Over-Caution-Looking to the negative side of every circumstance, 

                  Procrastination: Putting tasks that should be done off to another time and then many times not doing them.

                    Expecting Poverty instead of Demanding Riches Not associating with people who demand and receive riches.

 Money does make a difference even though there is more to riches than money.  We know that there are the riches of being grateful for family, for air we breathe, for a bed to sleep in at night and a place to socialize with our friends, plus many other things that we take for granted that need to have a spirit of gratefulness about.

I feel that I have conquered some of these ghosts but I do need to work on worry.  As Mr. Hill says women conceal their feelings about poverty.  I do that by being nervous about what is going to happen if I don’t have the funds to pay for things.  I also let my worry out when I go to bed at night and my mind goes wild thinking about what I will do to solve my predicament.  One thing that has helped me is that I am practicing what Rhonda Byrne has said, in her book on “The Magic.” This is a great book and every  chapter has exercises for you to do.  

I do have a tendency to be over-cautious but I am really working and succeeding on this.  Procrastination is another problem but like my mentor, Tuula Rands says,”Don’t say problem say I am not procrastinating I am doing.

Ethel Van Zanten
Tucson, Arizona