Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Alena Henry Columbus, Ohio, USA

Posted: 2016-02-24

Like a fire that feeds itself from the air, our fears feed themselves from our emotions and thoughts.
I believe that as a human being we always will have inside us desire and courage that helps us to
move forward and fear that will hold us back while questioning every step we make.

Our subconscious talks to us through emotions, the ability to hear these emotions and recognize
them gives us great strength.

I think that fear is not a reason of our failures, fear is a product of our blocks and filters that
guard all information that we are receiving from the world. We inherited many of those filters
and emotional blocks from our parents and culture. We also created many new ones based
on our own experience and observations.   

If we will decide to start to fight our fears by refusing to accept it, or ignore it, or pretend we don’t
have this fear, it will look like fighting with windmills. To defeat a fear we have to look further
and deeper in to ourselves and pull up the anchors that hold this fear to us and find
reasons why it appeared in the first place.

It is always a “WHY” in the base of each fear. In the “THE FEAR OF CRITICISM” Hill states that
"fear in people to speak up their mind comes from the far past when criticism carried severe
punishments - it still does in some countries." This is absolutely interesting to see that Hill wrote
his book in 1937 and nothing changed since then, it actually grew even bigger. Just as Hill
mentioned that people will go for a new product only because of the fear of being judged for not
having it.

Today people are obsessed with new, new, new - new clothes, new cars, not to mention new
technology. Hundreds of people are ready to wait outside of a store for a week just to be able
to be one of the first to buy a new phone. The worst part is that the phone company most
likely just  put a newer phone into production. 

Even if today we aren’t afraid of something it is not guaranteed that tomorrow one of our many
fears would not pop out.