Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Everardo Larreynaga Hempstead, NY, USA

Posted: 2018-03-07

I read lesson 15 and we all have these enemies in our psychology in different strengths.  Doubt, fear and indecision.  It is part of our make up.  What we can do is to manage them rather than they managing us.  Ref the 6 fears same is true.   I do not believe you can get rid of them.  And even more you cannot get rid of them by sheer mental will power.  This is what the personal developmental sages like Tony Robins wants us to believe.  I took his course in1996, paid $1000 and did as much as i could what he told me and got nothing.   $1000 was a waste.  I smiled, i sat down the way he said and lean forward, intonate the voice in a particular way, raise the eye brows and said something like oooooh to my real estate brokers and i got no referrals. No, no that is not the way.  Was i decided?  I did what i was supposed to do.  Did i doubt?  No, i thought i was going to start getting referrals for mortgage loans.  The one thing Tony Robins said which i remember is the principle of cosine (i know i am not saying correctly.)  Do you remember the devastation of the 2 nuclear bombs in Japan?   Well i think it was coach Wooden who went to Japan and train Japanese to build their nation by very small increments.   Now, this makes sense to me, not the sheer brute force of thinking to fight off the 3 enemies and 6 fears.  I think we can manage them in the same way that Bill Gates has done it.  I simply do not believe he does suffer from them.  He would cease to be a mortal and we wouldn't have the great works of literature.