Think & Grow Rich Lessons
George Freelen Hondo, TX, United States

Posted: 2018-03-04

Chapter 15: How to Outwit the Six Ghosts of Fear


We must constantly be on guard of the three greatest enemies which are; indecision, doubt, and fear. The greatest of these is indecision. When we fail to decide, or just let it slide, this will crystallize into doubt. We may think, how did this happen, here we go again, complaining about the effect and neglecting the cause. Neglecting the cause, indecision and doubt, we become fearful. Fear will cripple us to the point of making poor decisions and doubts, and this fear will grow like weeds in the garden of our mind.

Nature endowed us with absolute control over but one thing, and that is thought. Everything begins in the form of a thought. Everything that man create begins in the form of a thought. How we handle these thoughts determines what we do. What kind of life we create. It is not the thought, it is how we handle the thought. The extent of how we handle doubt has a profound effect on this. Doubting Thomases have kill many great Ideas. Most ideas are crude when first developed, during this stage, doubts can win out if we if we give in to indecision and fear. Henry Ford had a mind and he controlled it. He said, “I’ll belt the earth with dependable motor cars” and he did.

People who fail in life have one thing in common, no three things in common – indecision, doubt, and fear.

The six basic fears or the Six Ghost of Fear are:

Fear of Poverty, Fear of Criticism, Fear of Ill Health, Fear of loss of love of someone, Fear of Old Age, Fear of Death. These fears can only be controlled, if we understand and control the three enemies, - Indecision, Doubt, and Fear which we must clear out of mind and thought process. This can be done through Faith and Faith can be obtained through Self-Talk.


George Freelen,  San Antonio, TX