Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Celeste Smucker Nellysford, VA, United States

Posted: 2018-03-04

Chapter 15  Outwitting the Six Ghosts of Fear
Fear lives in the head. And courage lives in the heart.  The job is to get from one to the other.--Louise Penny
The previous 14 chapters of Hill's book give us a guideline, a pathway to follow to achieve our wildest dreams.  However, real success is difficult to achieve if we are invested in fear.  And fear delivers in all kinds of ways.
A big one is procrastination.  Why would you procrastinate if you weren't afraid to move forward?  
Procrastination can look like failure to make the phone calls that assure business success.  You know that most ebook downloads are a cry for help.  Someone is struggling, maybe on the verge of giving up, and looking for solutions that work.  In a few limited cases they may be so ready for help that they actually call you.
But most often they (at some level) are expecting you to call them. After all, they wouldn't have downloaded the ebook from your site if they wanted help from someone else.  
You know all of this and are thrilled to get the download.  But you hesitate thinking maybe it will be a red personality on the other end of the line who is just waiting to pounce on your good intentions.  Or maybe the person will be too busy to talk, or unwilling to believe you are really offering free help.
You tell yourself the time isn't right, they are probably eating dinner or out with friends.  Maybe they're at work and can't be disturbed.  There are a whole host of reasons why they may not answer your phone call, but all of that is irrelevant.  Bottom line is you don't call because you are afraid.  Afraid of the possible rejection.
So you procrastinate.  Sometimes you get up your courage and call anyway.  They don't answer so you tell yourself, "see I was right, they don't want to talk to me."  
You hear other people explain how they called someone a number of times before finally making contact, and how grateful the person was to hear from them, but you ignore the advice and let the fear stop you from taking action.  Then you wonder why your business isn't moving forward like you'd like it to.
Fear comes from nothing more than the stories we tell ourselves. That is the reason self talk can be so powerful in shifting our experience.  Self talk is a positive expression, a positive expectation that we are giving to our subconscious mind and  putting out to the Universe.  
Positive expectation helps remove fear by opening up the possibility that the fearful stories we tell ourselves aren't true.
The new positive stories change our perceptions about the Universe being a scary place and replace them with an entirely different narrative.  Repetition of self-talk every single day removes the power, the sting of fear, and lets us really put the principles of Hill's book to use.  
It is the way to move out of your head and into your heart where the courage lies. And isn't being a mentor with a servant's heart another way of saying you are ready to let go of the nutty stuff in your head and come from your heart instead?
And one more thing.  Fear that keeps us stuck lets things build up on our to-do list.  Make one call turns into make lots of calls, or do lots of marketing because when we invest in fear we get very far behind.  This leads to a feeling of overwhelm ("I'll never get it all done.")  and that feeds feelings of helplessness and fear.  
That's why the age-old advice to "Do it now,"  is so powerful.  All you have to do is recognize fear for what it is, a ghost with no substance (even fear of rejection), use the tools in this book to move beyond fear, and start to take action in the NOW.  
Celeste Smucker, Nellysford, VA