Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Wayne Thompson Falmouth, Trelawny, Select a state…, Jamaica

Posted: 2016-02-23

Think and Grow Rich Lessons

Chapter 15, How to Outwit the Six Ghost of Fear

Wayne Thompson, Martha Brae, Trelawny, Jamaica



The Fear of Poverty

The moment I read this chapter, it felt like someone had given me a beaten mentally.

Riches and poverty run in opposite directions. There are no compromise between poverty and riches. If you desire riches. It is critical to refuse or accept any circumstance that enhances poverty. Majority of the people in the world thoughts are on the road of poverty. Only a small percentage of their lives are on the thoughts of riches.

How does one move from the thoughts of poverty into riches?  You have to switch from poverty to riches. Changing your mindset, will attract people and plenty of positive thoughts coupled with desire.

The enemies of riches are fear, indecision and doubt. Poverty affects you. Recognition of this fact will give you the ability to start thinking. Fear will never be able to consume your thoughts with this kind of mindset.

The ghost of fear has consumed my own life for many years. I had refused to live outside of my comfort zone, because, I feared what people would think and say. Mr. Hill, instructed us to take an inventory of ourselves. To take an  inventory is no simple task. Failure to comply, will result in you not been able to recognize the ghost of fear.

My mind is like a plot of land occupied with fertile soil. Failure to plant positive thoughts will lead to an infertile plot. Contaminated with negative and poverty driven ideologies.

Now that I am no longer unaware of the deep seated fears. Negative thoughts, my ability and self-consciousness’ has removed negativity. I have replaced them with love, faith and hope.

Thank you all in Mentoring For Free, for highlighting the ghost of fear. It has changed us all by giving us this medium to have discussion and share our knowledge.  

Wayne Thompson, Martha Brae, Trelawny, Jamaica

PS. Ignorance Enslave, Knowledge Liberates.