Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Jacinta Martin Lafayette, Louisiana, U.S.

Posted: 2018-02-15

Chapter 12:The Subconscious Mind ; The 11th Step Towards Riches

The Subconscious mind the connecting link to all possibilities! If knowing how it works/ brining awareness to control how it works. Because it is constantly working. And putting out information to the universe rather we know or not. Or want it to or not. Im so grateful for coming across the resources in this book. Especially this chapter. I learned that I can consciously think and consciously feed my subconscious positivity, desire, intent, and faith based auto suggestion. Through affirmative statements. Im grateful for the resources through ch.12 subconscious mind. I learned I can make my dreams a real reality. And. Co creator of my world next to GOD by changing how my minf truely thinks and responds to everyday life situations. I truely wish I had come across this info 5 years ago when my lufe was a living hell filled with negativity, depression, abd depair. When my life was on detour to rock bottom. Through this chapter I learned that my life is what I create through my thoughts, feelings and actions. I learned I can create/ alter or change my surroundings by fueling my subconscious wirh powerful feelings of truth, belief, faith based affirmative statements. Now Im reborn a new creature all because Im now working with my subconscious. Like a phoenix I rise again out of the ashes because I can, I will, I have, I am.



(Thanks to Micheal and Linda, to everyone. Im having phone issues. Hapot Valentine's to all. Love , peace, blessings)