Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Fred Moudy Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, United States

Posted: 2018-02-14


Mr. Hill has set a great plan before us for all that seek to enrich their

lives we all have heard about the subconscious but fail to learn how

to manage it so it just lives in limbo.


A month ago I decided to find a classmate I presented it to my subconscious

I do use it in in my life it appeared with a picture of the last contact I had

with the person 65 years ago and it kept appearing week after week I was led

not by a straight line but by a Network of people ( does this seem strange a

network of people ) well well do tell.


I found the information I wanted and also found that the person has passed away

the picture disappeared the same night so use your subconscious make it stronger

when you get ready to sleep give it a task to work on don’t be afraid to make it

difficult I solved a mechanical problem with it if it can do nut's and bolts it can

do anything you just have to believe in it.


If you don’t give it a task it will work on it's own, this where nightmares and bad

dreams come from it does not know fact from fiction you must guide it you must

wait on the answer just keep thinking.