Think & Grow Rich Lessons
joseph lombardo millville, NJ, usa

Posted: 2018-02-12

I've been listing to the E BOOK again,i started on lesson 12 Saturday,Im understanding this lesson a lot its something ive always done but like i have said i had my goals to low,I did not think back then than earning more than $1000 per week were possible but now i know it is.

I need more time a more learning i need some rest to.

Two years ago i turned all my focus on network marketing but i was in one ponzi sachem to another learning the wrong way and the right way.In Mentoring for free im learning the right way,But after two years and about 7 months ago i made my first profit from something else online im tired but im not giving up ill get back into this learning the right way in Mentoring for free,I have gotten everything i prayed for i auto say the lords pray but i also talk to the intelligence God like he were a person with my wife,Now the goal is bigger not because we need the money were very happy,But I want more i desire more.I sometimes still have it hard to talk but i will i feel since i was thought wrong for so long and i am understanding the right way i might say the wrong thing but then ill be corrected and learn.So if i say the wrong thing correct me and lets move on.We all have the same opportunities in life no one is better than anyone else some others have this attitude like they can do this no one else can crazy right.I've had people try to tell me what i really want so i spend money with them ive seen all the bull im sure theres more i dont want,My wife and I are very easy people to please and because we are both very grateful for all we have i believe that's why things have always been so easy for me and us.We never struggled we have no debt but i have some people telling me im not really happy,Im happy i know how to ignore idiots like that only in it for the money,Sure that's most likely why were all here but here were not lying to each other to get the sale.