Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Lawrence Bergfeld Bronx, New York, USA

Posted: 2018-01-28

The bottom line of this chapter is that NOBODY can build a team on their own.
No matter how smart, how pretty or how brilliant you are. You can't build a team
on their own.

Tom Big Al Schrieter can't do it, Michael Dlouhy can't. You have to have a master
mind group to reach the top. NOBODY became the top in their chosen calling by
themselves. They couldn't.  What makes us think that we can build a team on our

There is no way anyone can. As we mentioned many times a leader became a leader
because they started out as intelligent followers. That is being COACHABLE. If your
mentor asks you to do something then do it. Because it brought him RESULTS.

If he did not get results with whatever he is asking you then he would not ask you to
do it and if you are not doing what your mentor says then you can't ask your team
members to do that either. Because as Michael Dlouhy mentions in his Colors To
Success CD these two questions your prospects are asking:

Can I do this? and Can you teach me? It applies to all Colors. If he can't say YES to
BOTH questions then you are toast!! 

If Henry Ford did not get along with Luther Burbank, Harvey Firestone and Thomas
Edison there would be NO Ford car today. He had to associate with them in harmony.
That is WHY you have to get along with all four colors as a team gets along with.

Think about a basketball team, all five players have to get along with each other. If they
don't they can't be on the court together. I remember back in high school I was on the
basketball team and I recall overhearing the coach saying about this guy Sosa you don't
get along with them. He did not put Sosa on the court.

That is why its so important that you sponsor people whom you'd want to be on a one
month cruise with. Not someone whom you have to drag to the finish line. If you have
to drag people to the finish line then you are going to be spinning your wheels just like
they are and you will get nowhere fast. 

Remember what it says in the section of Anatomy Of A Prospects Mind in Success In
Ten Steps. When people take a quiz either as a business owner or a prospect. If you
are thinking like a prospect the most important part is Who Gave The Presentation.
YOU are the key.

He does not see the home office, he does not see the company building nor the founder
he only sees YOU. Therefore he has to like you and believe that he could do it. And as
Michael Dlouhy mentions in the book that we are NOT going to join someone who we
do not like or else we will have to work with them.

One audio I highly recommend listening to is Do you want to be right or do you want to
be rich? Because that will be a BIG eye opener for y'all in all areas of your life NOT just
mlm. If I tell you more then I will let the cat out of the bag!

Lawrence Bergfeld