Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Dawn Meyers Mullica Hill, NJ, United States

Posted: 2018-01-24

Chapter 9: Persistence

I was very happy that Michael was able to extend the lesson this week and here it is the following Wednesday and I am just turning in my lesson. I did write my lesson when I found it was extended but I never saved it and walked away to find my computer went on an automatic update. That's the luck of a blue. And something that I have done way too many times. I should have learned my lesson by now but of course, I am persistent. LOL. 

I am persistent and so is my husband. We have taken action so many times in our lives we have a list of failures but I won't call them failures because if we didn't take action we would have failed. We are currently thriving in our business that we started in February of 2015. We always got the naysayers who were even very close family members saying to us "how are you going to do that"? How are you going to get the business, the customers? Remember what happened to your last business? The past has nothing to do with it. I know it wasn't our fault but I don't even care about that. We have faith and persistence. 

When we were told by a speech teacher that my son was being discharged from speech class because he didn't talk by the age of ten I was ready to prove them wrong and so far I have. I have always been persistent in making our sons life as easy on him and as happy as it can possibly be. I am persistent in making sure that he will live a very happy life when we are no longer here for him. 

I have a very serious health issue that prevented me from having children many years ago. I was very persistent when I wanted to know why I could not conceive in 4 years of trying. Went for many tests and they were not fun ones. I was in and out of the doctor's office more than I was the grocery store. But one day the doctor said we need to try something. I was one of the first people diagnosed with endometriosis and after an operation, I was told I was never going to have children. Well, I proved them wrong but even though I had my children the disease has never gone away. This past week I have been experiencing some very uncomfortable symptoms that had been taking up a lot of my mind to compensate for the pain. When I read more articles about it I saw where women hospitalized themselves over these same symptoms and I am taking this very well. My family has been amazing with their support and today I am 90 percent better and ready to go. I believe that a lot of my mental blocks have a lot to do with this disease and I will be persistent in making sure I can beat these symptoms and get back to that life I have always been good at. 

When my Grandmother died on Tax day in 2015 it was so sad. She always said to me that she could not die till she knew I was going to be alright. That was our deal. So I told her that she will never die. When she saw that we were booming in business after opening in February she decided to say goodbye to me on April 14th. When I hung up with her I told my husband that would be the last time I talk to my GRAM. He said no you will see her tomorrow and I saw her being carried away from her home. Since then I have been getting pennies from Heaven. I was told by a lady at a salon that my gram was leaving me pennies and dimes and yes she was. One day I asked her that if this was for real I want lots of pennies tomorrow and the next morning a truck full of pennies was spilled all over the highway. I knew then it was for real. The signs would come at the most opportune times. Last night I told my husband we have to do more self-talk. We have to keep things happening here. I said you have to listen to me. You have to listen to what I am saying. Then the TV answered me. There was a commercial on that answered me. It said, "I am listening". It was a new commercial too. We had never seen it before. A little boy standing there saying 'I am listening" right after I said the words "you have to listen to what I am saying". Not sure if it is my Gram but I said someone just told me they are listening to what I am saying. LOL. That's so incredible.

I will be here a year from now and beyond. I love how Mentoring For Free is helping my family in many different ways and we will continue to be persistent in using the tools given to us for free. 


Dawn Meyers Mullica Hill, New Jersey