Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Antonia Lauterio Tucson, AZ, United States

Posted: 2016-02-21

Chapter 15, How to outwit the six ghost of fear.  

The chapter begins with take inventory of yourself as you read this chapter for  indecision,
doubt and fear, the 6th sense will never function while these three negatives are in your mind 
other fears are of minor importance. The fear of poverty, criticism, ill health, loss of love of
someone, fear of old age, fear of death.

Before we read, we may not realize these fears exist in us until we get educated. 

Ill health, loss of love of someone and fear of old age were NOT fears. Why? How fortunate
was I that my grandma instilled good health practices, taught and led by example that by
eating healthy, adequate amount of sleep, avoiding alcohol, smoking and fried foods, I would
feel good, look good and live a long time.

My grandma, Antonia, lived to be 92 years old and had no major illnesses, none! She would
quote scripture, “fear the Lord is true knowledge”. She also taught me the labor of love. She
taught me to develop an understanding of people, love those who offer you value and steer
clear of the negative ones.

By those same principles she taught me a valuable lesson of aging gracefully. When you feel
good, you will look good and in your mind you’re as young as you feel. I’m often asked how is
it that you look younger than your age? I was taught to love myself, take care of the my body
for it is the temple of God and enjoy every facet of your life.

This principle taught me to always look my best and therefore removed the fear of old age.
What a beautiful mindset coming from a woman who was born in 1898. I believe she got her
wisdom through scripture, she was a very devoted spirit.

Fear of poverty and criticism set in right after my grandma passed away I was 15 years young
and lack of confidence, insecurities and doubt set in. Other family members, that I could trust,
lived far away and my mom needed a lot of help in the home. I was the oldest of two younger
siblings one with a mental disability, the other with a physical disability and step dad who
consumed alcohol too frequently.

We were poor and my parents instilled in me that “as long as we had enough to get by we
would be fine”. That struggle was a normal way of life. I remember my weekly visits to our
church and listening to them instill that belief as well. “Money is the root of all evil”. That
is no way to raise a child, brings tears to my eyes as I write this.

Fear of death: After reading this chapter again this morning I have an understanding of this
fear of death that came over me after my open heart surgery. I did not have this fear prior to
surgery so it must have something to do with the fact that they opened my body.

I would frequently ask myself why are you afraid of dying? Fear of death meant I would miss
out on my grandkids and my kids would be left in limbo, wandering. No! That’s poignant!

When this fear approached me I would go into deep meditation, holding an ergonomic wooden
cross and  I would pray for strength and ask my youngest daughter to take me for a drive. The
fear was a feeling of being transparent. Am I really here or is it just my spirit that is here?

That was mind blowing.

I had the good fortune of meeting and getting to know a brilliant man named Michael Dlouhy
who today is my friend and mentor and his beautiful wife Linda. Their mentoring has taught
me about life, family and business. Michael shares with us personal stories about surgeries.

Those stories helped me develop the strength and boldness to succeed my own personal
triumph of open heart surgery. Today I am pure presence, confident and just like Hill says:

Fear is nothing but a state of mind.

The greeting of our calls state: “we show you how to think, not what to think. Staying plugged
into the Mentoring For Free Forum has brought me back to the level of standards my grandma
instilled in me.

Thank you Lawrence Bergfeld for making the time to call me weekly until I became focused.
I’m living life truly fulfilled. I can make decisions and be confident of what I’m doing.  I love color,
the love of doing, spiritual work, love of effort, connecting with others, teaching my kiddos, it’s
so rewarding. My hope is that whoever is reading this blog will get started on that journey too.

With much appreciation,

Toni Lauterio