Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Nick Harper Tyler , TX, USA

Posted: 2018-01-24

Hill describes persistence as the sustained effort necessary to induce faith.  I've been involved with people who proclaim to be leaders and mentors but their actions proved different.  I soon discovered that these people were only seeking money.  Everytime they switch companies they call saying that this is the one...only to be in another company a few months later.  I've purchased multiple audios and countless  training materials.  I've even paid thousands of dollars to attend mastermind events only to go home in disappointment.  Although I've failed many times I never gave up!  I simply discovered that I was following the wrong people.   


I thought to myself that  I'm going to find a real mentor and true leader to follow no matter what.  It's been a long and imformative journey, I've discovered a lot of knowledge that I didn't know was available.  I've figured out several methods that don't work and I've learned more about myself, this journey has been well worth it.  My persistence in searching for a true mentor has paid off.   I'm thankful to Marcel Schmidt for reaching out and sharing this amazing information with me.  Thanks to Bob Shoaf for taking time out of his schedule to mentor me and answer any questions that I have.  And a very special thank you to Michael and Linda Dlouhy for creating MFF.  Thanks to everyone who participates in the MFF mastermind group.


I've made a vow to myself to become more persistent in all aspects of life because I know that with persistence will come SUCCESS!!!

Nick Harper