Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Anton Koker Stoughton, MA, United States

Posted: 2018-01-24


I am inspired to mention talent and hard work. 

Talent only wins if it works hard. 

Hard work always wins, even without talent.

Talent is skill. Skills can be learned. Skills make the tasks simpler or easier and more fun.

Hard work is persistence. The drive to continue is fueled by desire, backed by faith.

Do I really have time for this? Am I wasting my effort? How long will it take? Time is relative to us ... intense moments are perceived in slow motion, while, when bored, time slows to a crawl. Not to a computer. 

Or so you may think. Today we have computers inside computers. We used to have a single CPU (Central Processing Unit), now we have multiple, and they have "cores" that do the same work as the old CPU did. There are instruction pipelines and software and hardware interrupts. Oh, and that's all in a device the size of your thumb nail. These are combined on circuit boards and in metal boxes. And, still can be found sprawled out in large data center rooms. Processing power, separate from live memory banks, separate still from persistent storage, like hard disks and new solid-state counterparts.

Persistence here is the storage of information on media that survives the loss of power. The information is used to restart, stopped systems, recall programs and user data. The data is our knowledge, skills, and Desire. Without it we are powered-off and going nowhere.

with gratitude and in service,
Tony Koker