Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Adrian Duffen Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom

Posted: 2018-01-23

    Think and Grow Rich; Chapter 9: Persistence.


We learn that persistence is the biggest factor in success.  Great men like Henry Ford, succeeded because they had persistence.  First they had a Desire, and a plan (which always changes), and persisitence to get it done.


I am a fan of the New England Patriots.  They have become the most successful team in the current Millenium.  You have an owner Mr Kraft, who was a season ticket holder, with the desire to own the club, had a plan for the club, and the persistence to buy it and put it into action.  He after a few years picked as the head coach a man called Bill Bellichick.  This is a man with a plan a desire and a persistence to win football matches.  He has the philosophy of, Do Your Job!  In the Draft of 2000, they picked up a SIXTH round QB by the name of Tom Brady.  You may of heard of him?  He was a QB for Michigan, but had to fight for his place.  Other QB's were preferred but everytime the team was losing they would call for Tom and he got them either the win of a close loss.  He was seen as not  very physical, very quick etc.  Indeed when he was due for the draft, the only team that asked the Coach about him were the Patriots.  He became the 199th pick of the draft.  Six QB's were picked before him that year.  The Patriots had just resigned their current no 1 QB to a 10 year $100 million contract.  Tom Brady was No 4 on the list of QB's on the rosta.  

Normally a QB at no 4 on the rosta would be cut.  But Tom Brady, was a man with a Desire, a Plan and Persistence.  He quickly became the No 2, QB on the rosta.  Then at the beginning of the 2001 NFL season the No 1 QB, got a bad injury (he could have died from internal bleeding).  Tom Brady became the starting QB and the rest as they say is history.  He won the Super Bowl that year, failed to reach the play offs the next year (by a narrow margin), then won the next two.  In the next few years he got to two other Superbowls.   Which he lost in close encounters to the New York Giants.  He then won Superbowls 49, and 51.  He is about to play in SB 52.  If he wins he will have won three SB's in 4 years for the second time!  He will then be the only player to have won 6 superbowls.  He is about to play in his 8th Superbowl.  The Patriots are the only team in the Super Bowl era to appear in 10 Super Bowls.  The next nearest teams have only appeared in 8.  This one player (who was pick 199 in the 6th round of the draft), will have played in more Super Bowls or as many Superbowls as any other team in the 52 year history of the Superbowl.


Tom Brady is now 40 years old, he wants to play until 45 or so.  He still has the desire and persistence to stay at the top of his game.  Most of the other "top" QB's have retired by 40, after years of being pummelled, aches, strains and injuries.  They tend to lose it quite quickly, yet at 29 and 40 he has done incredible things.  In Super Bowl 51 against the Atalnta Falcons the Patriots were 3-28 down midway through the third quarter.  He came back (with the help of some good defensive plays), and brought the score back to 28-28.  The Patriots won the toss, asked to receive the ball and marched down the fireld and scored the winning TD in the first Overtime game in the Super Bowl.  No one had ever overcome more than 10 points in the Super Bowl to win.  Oh that was Tom Brady in Super Bowl 49!  In the AFC chamionship game this week he was down by ten points in the fourth qtr at home to the Jacksonville Jaguars.  He got the Patriots 2 Touch downs to win 24-20, and progress to his 8th Super Bowl.


This man has used set backs as fuel to feed his desire and persistence to prove he is the best over QB of all time.  They call him the G.O.A.T. Greatest Of All Time) in New England.  He is known to spend alot of time studying and practising to make himself better.  He also spends alot of time helping his team mates to get better.  


Basically what I am trying to say is if you want to know how to succeed in life study Tom Brady, and Bill Bellichick.  Bill is only interested in winning his next "ring" (for those not into sport etc, the winners of championships in many American Sports, get a ring to commemorate the achievement).  If you were to ask some successful coaches, which is their favourite ring they would answer "the next one".  As that is their next "goal".


Tom Brady is the epitomy of Persistence and Desire.  Make it your goal to get as near to Tom Brady in regards to Desire and Persistence as YOU can.  When YOU do there will be no stopping YOU!


Adrian D. Duffen

Birmingham (Old England) UK

follower of the Boston/ New England teams.....