Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Andy Destin Lake Worth , FL , USA

Posted: 2018-01-22

Throughout life or in business you must be Persistent. 


With any major accomplishment required persistence. 


In life, school and business they're many challenges that you will face and many people who aren't patient enough take the easy way out. Those people just QUIT. 


I remember in my Server class when we was working on a project. Our professor gives us the instructions, which is a road map for us the students to follow. All the work would be done on the Server then send it out to our clients. 


The project was to used 3 computers. One of the computers would be our server and the other two is our client. We would load an image / logo to the Server and have a Term of use add to the home screen of our clients. Before anyone can used the computer they must read and agree. 

Computer ' A ' is our Server and computer B and C would be clients. 

In the beginning we only need to work on computer A, because it's our server and our clients will be waiting. 

Before we get our road map from our professor he told us we need to follow the instructions and the coding as it stated in the paper, otherwise it will not work and the steps must be followed in order. 

Our first step was to installed our Server and configure it. 

And then used the road map to do what he needs us to do. Since I had persisted throughout the trials and errors I completed the projects with 3 attempts, the first two with his assistant for clarification and the 3rd I just Got it. 

While most of the students, quit, skip the class and whining, because it wasn't too easy to do. But if they had persistent they could have done just like me. They find the easy way out, but if they fail the course they will see it again a different time. 


You can't run away from many things and if you have to face it just be persistent. You will be better then you have thought of once you do it. We need a road map for our business to know where we heading. That's our way of knowing if we're close to our goal or not. A road map was something I never did for my business. I thought holding everything in my head would help. 

Best of,