Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Jacinta Martin Lafayette, Louisiana, U.S.

Posted: 2018-01-17

Chapter 9 Persistence

"Defeat is temporary". I always had the gift of creativity and. The desire to create. But never went through with any of my creative ideas do to lack of confidence and a weakness in the persistence department. I always had the desire to be an entrepreneur. And turn my ideas into monetary gain. Thinking I would just be able to turn them into success some what overnight. Because I believed they were just that great. One year later im still at ground zero. I have never even got to the point of launch. Due to lack of money, decision, action, motivation, oh an let me not leave out persistence!!. 5 years prior I was in a cynical cycle. I couldn't figure out why. I was going through the same thing over and over. As if my life was on the repeat button. Then I had the hermit moment were. I went within myself ahaa. I asked myself am I suppose to learn something. The answer was learn and gain. From this lesson I really started learning my self and weaknesses( thank you cynical cycle) of not being persistent. What I gained is persistence. What I didn't know or did but was ignorant to. Was that Ol Rome wasn't built in a day. And just like chapter 9 stated. Start slow until speed and pace is consistent. I thought my ideas would just happen overnight. Then I lost fire little by little. My passion died. I started to feel defeated. But the fighter spirit in me wouldnt let me lay down and die. It let me lay down. However to learn a lesson that saved my life . What Im learning is to crank the heat of persistence in moderation. A little action is better than none. And like stated in this chapter defeat is temporary( my greatest lesson). So" I start over and over but. I start again".