Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Athanasios Georgakopoulos Ocoee, FL, United States

Posted: 2018-01-17

Chapter 9 Persistence 

This chapter is probably one the most crucial of all.

One key factor is when I am in a dull state of mind and time isn’t going fast enough, persistence is going through even those “boring” times.

Cant always be fun every second of the day. Being a blue, that’s always been a major hurdle to overcome.

Staying focused and on target is not hard but it’s the shiny objects that is the real challenge.

Being away from my home in Florida where I spent years to go to, only to be away for another 9 months is just frustrating. But knowing that my impulsive spending and poor management of money got me into this position is why I am taking responsibility for my actions.

So being persistent to be free of the debt and create a massive savings will be the end result of persistence. 

Thank you again Michael, Linda, and this awesome mastermind group for being the foundation of support.

God Bless!