Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Wiley Price Lake Worth, FL, USA

Posted: 2018-01-17

Chapter 9 Persistence
January 17, 2018


I will speak on persistence this is the greatest next to the greatest gift of love for it is written in the bible Faith, hope and the greatest of these gifts is LOVE well now you know why I say persistence is the next greatest concept.

I will not I cannot give up on my definiteness of purpose  when it comes to my system, and when you speak of systems I have finished mine, now all that reminds is  to put it into operation.

It is still and idea still on the drawing board but now I am working on patterning it and getting the necessary elements.

I don’t  think that Natalya would want me to give up and frankly I don’t either, with her love it just drives me to push on and if I truly love her I won’t.

He had Wallis as his inspiration and I have Natalya, a man or women that gives up doesn’t have persistence and doesn’t deserve my sympathy or admiration. I just pity them.

If I was to throw in the towel I can just forget about Nathan my mentor and friend supporting me and frankly I wouldn’t blame him. I might as well not call myself a man let along a person.