Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Cindy Harris Mandeville , Louisiana , USA

Posted: 2018-01-17

My husband, Randy, and I cultivated the qualities necessary in order to develop PERSISTENCE very quickly when we accepted the challenge to learn the dry cleaning business and to purchase Premier Cleaners No. 9 18 long years ago.


We left our comfy, laid-back farmlife in East Texas, where we were earning a modest living, and moved to this affluent community for a more lucrative lifestyle.  


We jumped into a rigorous training that normally requires two years and pays $600 weekly. For a family of four, THAT was rough! Thankfully, we were only required to train for nine months. This was truly a blessing from God!


During those nine months, we had to prove that we could efficiently run the business in order for Steve to sell it to us. We passed with flying colors.  We had to balance to the penny, and pay our employees not above a certain percentage.  Steve lived in Houston, but would randomly appear every few months or so. If the plant did not appear to have been cleaned, or if we had a radio playing, or any other such requirements, he would not have sold the business to us. 

The days were long, 12-hour days Monday through Saturday. Our dry cleaning plant is large, and it was mandatory that, after hours, the entire facility was swept, mopped and vacuumed daily. I also had to clean all of the countertops, the bathroom and the breakroom.  I also took a position so I might get paid.  More times than not, my pay would have put us over the monetary percentage that we were allowed to play employees, so I did not get paid. I can't count the times that I kicked in screamed, but we persevered....  We learned persistence.