Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ben Drake West Ryde, NSW, Australia

Posted: 2016-02-18

This week we are on the ghosts of fear, fear has been a big part of my own life. That have let it take control for many years; I was petrified of creating new friendships and being loved owing to being so scared of being physically beaten again, being so scared of the stds, too scared to be who I was as it was literally beaten out of me over the years. That’s when fear controls your life, You live in fear of those around You fearing their reaction to what You have to say. You have listened to the junk from the false friends and people who live their lives in fear and attempt to control Your own life with their fears over the years, that You stop being Yourself.

They have taken Your power, we are needing to learn to lock up those ghosts of fear as my good friend and mentor Ken Klemm has mentioned in a previous lesson and throw away the key. When we live our lives in fear we allow those ghosts to control our lives. We stop dreaming owing to being too scared of someone else’s reaction and then our dreams stop. We stop being ourselves.

Some of us arrive at mentoring for free so beaten up that we need to find that first aid kit to stop the bleeding and to start patching ourselves up, with so many open wounds that we need to work on changing so many areas of our lives. We need to spend less time with those destructive relationships, which can be our families even when we love them dearly, our friends who may be like family to us as well.

Fear is all around us from the ads before movies, commercials and even on message boards warning us of the signs of actions which may happen when we take a particular course of action. During the recent company convention our CEO told us of a wonderful new way of seeing fear which truly believe is the best way to deal with the fears it is called face everything and rise. We must rise above that challenge and become stronger.

So that I am able to have lots of friends within my own life and help them to own their lives. I am needing to lock up the fear of being physically hurt again, also locking up the fear of speaking up about what is going on that others reactions is their own reality and that I am able to speak up and say what want to without having to take on board that persons reaction at all. That it is safe to express own emotions, hurts and pain rather than living in fear of hearing someone knocking those feelings.

It is the same as having the health that desire, I need to focus on having that health and that needs to be at the forefront of own mind. Rather than heading down the path of the dark side where I am constantly worried and scared about my latest health challenge; it means just going out there and saying I am doing this for a healthier self rather than listening to the junk. As well as saying to myself that I am able to be a wonderful father and husband rather than constantly playing the tapes that have played for years about my own father and how grew up. Walking away from that influence and saying he has taught to be a better father and husband.

It takes knowing where You are going to be able to walk away from those who will knock what You are doing, that means controlling Your life and Your thoughts to be able to achieve Your own goal and dream. Over the years I have noticed so many of the basic fears present within own life, along with those who are within own life. That speak the reality into existence, here is an example of a person’s own thoughts and bringing that into their own reality.

My father was driving my sisters car owing to having recently written off his own car, now my sister had been worried that her car needed work and that its engine needed replacing. That when I would ask her to borrow the car her reaction was that the car would be unable to stand the distance that wanted to drive and would break down on the person. During the time that my father had the car he forgot to ensure that the engine had sufficient coolant and oil, that in the end on a stormy night the car broke down and was blowing white smoke out the exhaust. The engine had been cooked and now that car was going to cost a lot just to fix it back up again. My sisters thoughts were the car would break down and that is what happened.

Controlling my own thoughts means that I am needing to reinforce my own mind daily with the thoughts of the life and lifestyle that I am wanting to have; being that professional network marketer, that black diamond who is raising his 3 biological kids the twin daughters and son, along with having a minimum of 2 foster kids in his care at all times. It is time to overcome those fears and to stop listening to those who will knock what say and do. Becoming so busy that barely have the time to allow the junk to grow within own mind, creating that environment which is so positive that the negatives are ignored. It is time to stop being so worried about the reactions of those within own life, being myself and that is what really matters. Creating that world that Ben really loves and enjoys being in and that world that he loves so much.

Thank You to my wonderful amazing friends and mentors who have been the most amazing guides with their love, support and encouragement Michael and Linda Dlouhy and Ken Klemm.

Your friend and mentor,
I love and appreciate You,
Big hugs,

Ben Drake

West Ryde NSW Australia